It is important for any brand or company to make use of different marketing
techniques to increase their sales. One such method, which is especially
relevant today, is Social Media Marketing (SMM). This is a type of internet marketing
which utilizes the format and target audience of social media websites to
achieve a brand or product’s marketing goals.

The key to effectively harness Social Media Marketing is to be familiar with the
different social media websites. Each platform has a particular structure and
audience which can have a different effect on the product, brand, or event
which you are trying to market. The most popular social media websites include
the following:

  1.   Facebook – 2.07 Billion users

2. YouTube – 1.5 Billion users

3. Instagram – 800 Million users

4.Twitter – 330 Million users

  1. Reddit – 250 Million users

Apart from the sheer number of active users on the platform, it is also worth looking
at the demographics of the users of the different sites. Facebook, for example,
is particularly popular among women ages 18-29. Knowing these statistics will
also play a role on the types of products are best marketed through which

Different social media websites also have different formats on which you can base your
marketing strategy. Twitter is well-known for its precise and straightforward
method (there used to be a character limit for posts). Users also “retweet”
posts and utilize “hashtags” to make topics trend in the social media
stratosphere. Facebook, on the other hand, is better for providing customers
with more details.

That being said, the benefits and possibilities of Social Media Marketing are
plenty. First of all, it is a fast, relatively low-cost way to increase your
brand or product’s exposure. It is easy enough to have a presence on all the
platforms to provide potential customers with updates, promotions, or to simply
enhance brand name recall. Being active on social media makes it easier to be
top of mind with your customers, sometimes more effectively and less costly
than traditional marketing methods.

Social media also has the unique ability to get insights about your customers. In a
world where people instinctively share their photos or videos documenting their
experiences in real-time, you would know how and when a product is being used.
While focus-group discussions and surveys are meant to do the same thing, the
data they generate can often be skewed and differ from real-life events.
Knowing your target market’s posting behaviors also gives clues on their likes
and dislikes, their expectations, and their aspirations – all of which can be
useful in formulating marketing strategies best suited to that particular

Another the benefit of these websites is that they provide a quick feedback loop. Brands
and companies can effectively communicate their messages through online
marketing and customers can instantly respond by liking posts or sharing them
with their friends online. It can also be used to generate product hype through
announcements and promotions. In addition to updating customers on the product
or brand, social media is a good way to provide good customer service. Similar
to having a product hotline which customers can call for any concerns, being
active on social media gives customers the ability to communicate in real-time
with company representatives. It allows the thousands of potential and current
customers to air out their concerns and questions and get answers quickly.

Social media marketing can be made even more effective when used in conjunction with
traditional marketing methods. Formats such as TV commercials can be used to
create more product hype when they are made exclusively available online, which
viewers can easily share with the click of a button. The same holds true for
print media which can be shared as photos and attachments to be liked or shared
by customers. You can even post quick polls and surveys in a simplified format
to get some quick insights. Some companies try to reach their target audience
through the use of “social media influencers”, the modern counterpart of
commercial models.

The benefits of social media marketing lie in its ability to reach many people in a
short time span. It lets your brand be known while getting to know your
audience and respond to their needs. It also allows you to filter your target
market based on the platform you choose to use. Together with traditional
marketing strategies, it creates a holistic experience around a product, which
would hopefully translate to higher sales.

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